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Gasquip has been repairing and servicing taps for the last 25 years. They have maintained the service and quality expected for every job, every time.

Leaking taps are not only annoying but they can significantly increase your water bill if you don't get them repaired. this is also the inconvenience of having to clean the area where the tap is leaking.

Prefessionally fixing leaking taps usually involves more that just changing the washer, otherwise you could experience ongoing problems. Gasquip does the job properly, we replace all rubbers and washers, lubricate, re-seat and flush your taps. If your taps are damaged beyond repair, then we can replace them. All Gasquip technicians carry an extensive range of replacements taps for you to view. Gasquip also specialises in fitting stainless steel seats into the taps that cannot be re-seated.

Persistantly leaky taps can lead to poperty damange and should not be ignored.

Trying to repart leaking taps yourself can be a messy and frustrating job, so leave it to the tap repair experts and call Gasquip.

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